We Suply Talent

A Recruitment Website



About the client

We Supply Talent is an international recruitment agency that has branches presence in Bangkok, London, and Dubai. They are one of Technology-driven organization, leading by experienced yet young entrepreneurs who can effectively support their clients and candidates with innovative ways.

The goal

The goal of this website was to redesign the (old) website and make it more corporate, well-structured, and modern as they believe the brand image can reflect brand reliability in order that they can gain more customer’s confidence in the use of the service.



The site ended up with 15 pages in total: homepage, 5 main pages in the navigation menu, and 8 sub pages. On the landing page, visitor can see animated text, changing to various industries to emphasize the specialized ares in the service. The mouse-responsive particles background to catch the user’s attention.

Mega menu & Responsive Menu

On the desktop mode, header menu offers a great navigation where users can see the mega menu when the mouse hovers each item. Besides, this transparent menu will shrink and show up the color backgroud on scrolling (supports all devices on desktop, tablet, and mobile).

Contact us form

The site fully supports the form submitted by any user, including both text and mulpitle files.

Responsive Hover Card

Corporate website couldn’t be more lively by using animated hover card to shoutout that working can be fun!

Mini Job Board (Job Listing)

For internal opportunity, the client chose to use the separate CRM (different from external opportunity that is using Third-party) to manage candidates.